Daygame London

London. Daygame capital of the world.

What’s it like? What is it like to live the daygame dream? To walk these hallowed streets..

As I’ve been here for the last few months doing just this I thought I’d give a brief overview of my thoughts on the matter.


The great benefit to doing daygame in London is that the supply of sets is to all intents and purposes infinite. Few cities in the world can provide this. In London you can go out every day for a month, doing 20 sets per day, and probably in the whole month you might accidentally open the same girl once, if at all. Nobody will be watching you. Nobody will remember you. Nobody cares. It is an ocean of people: an endless, ever-replenishing stream of fish to be fished.

Vibe Sapping

London is a vibe-sapping place to do daygame. The streets are literally busier, noisier and less pleasant than virtually all civilized European cities. You will get jostled, bumped and enraged far more often in London. Furthermore, London is multi, not mono, cultural due to the massive amount of tourism and immigration. Multicultural cities are unpleasant as there is no shared set of principles, so everyone just treats everyone else like shit.

London is Mega-City One. It’s a decaying and depraved society splintered into urban tribes. Freaks and weirdos are everywhere. Increasingly, people identify with one of a series of cliques: they’re either the hipster, the goth, the skater, the socialite, the fashionista, the bro.. the list goes on.

Every street features a crack-addled beggar or a perfectly healthy, young and neatly turned out beggar. Rich Chinese tourists yell and scream into their selfie sticks whilst blundering in front of black cabs. Weird Koreans wearing clogs huddle in scared groups in the corner of coffee bars. Flamboyant faggots trounce around screaming at each other, eyes roving the street for someone to get angry at. Obese Arabs wander Oxford Street trailing their families behind them like materialistic Jawas. Enormous gangs of retarded Spanish language students wander round with vacant expressions, yelling and gesticulating to each other.

Daygame in London requires dedicated vibe recovery time.


First, I swear there are simply more men here than in Europe, a fact which is entirely possible given the massive, mainly male immigration London has experienced. As for the quality of girl: it’s generally poor. It’s nowhere near unworkable, but it’s a sea of 5’s, 6’s and low 7’s. The average girl here is simply dumpier and more poorly dressed than in Europe. Until you travel, probably to Eastern Europe, you simply do not understand what you are missing. When I first went to Zagreb I was so amazed at the overall difference in the quality and bearing of the women I almost had a breakdown. In Prague, the default level of attractiveness is simply higher, almost entirely due to bodyweight and fashion.

London lacks inspirational girls, the dream daygame girls that I crave: hot, young, slender and feminine. Introverted, interesting and interested. Girls that have something about them. In London I may encounter a couple per week. In Prague, perhaps one or two a day. In the FSU perhaps four or more a day.

Due to the UK’s political faggotry it is now far harder for Russians (and bizarrely the Japanese) to get tourist visas to London. This has had a disastrous effect on the quality and quantity of the higher-end daygame sets that London contains.


London is big, although the daygameable area seems small. It’s only until you travel that you realise London’s daygameable area actually is big, compared to foreign cities. In London, even the most boring and predictable daygamers can put together a circuit which takes a couple of hours to complete without intersection. Bold daygamers can travel out to suburbs and do daygame there.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is legendary. The daygame Mecca of the world. A frothing tsunami of rushing shoppers bearing down upon every inch of the pavement. It’s contradictory: both the most consistent place to spot solo girls of minimum attractiveness yet the hardest place to open them. Oxford Street fucks with one’s vibe terribly. It’s just damn hard to open due to the press of people! Furthermore, Oxford St bears the brunt of the worst excesses of PUA spam-opening, so there’s a higher chance there that girls have just been opened by another, probably creepy, PUA. I avoid the place. It’s too busy and messes with my vibe. However, I will occasionally work the outer, less crowded reaches of it if I want a rapid number of warm up sets to begin the day.

Daygamers, including me, are obsessed with how many other daygamers there are. Some instructors say it doesn’t matter: “a confident approach will always be taken well”. Girls are hit on endlessly in bars, right? Yet they still get picked up. On the other hand, daygame is definitely getting harder and reactions poorer. As the years pass the number of girls getting relentlessly opened by retarded Approach-Monkeys increases. There are only so many hot girls in their twenties, even in a city like London. I remember the days back in 2010 when most girls hadn’t been opened… ah!

The end conclusion? It’s still doable. I really don’t see a lot of other daygamers. I used to see them all the time back in 2010, there were often dozens in Covent Garden alone. Now I often walk the entire day and don’t see more than one or two. Rumour has it there are around 50 active daygamers in London. Per week that’s probably far, far less than 500 girls opened.


Reactions in London, for me at least, are generally uninspiring towards poor. However, London is a city of wildcards. In all the cities I’ve been to, London is odd in that it is the only city where you get reactions like: shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, AMAZING, shit, shit, shit, shit, etc. London is wildcard city. As my recent experiments have shown, my current statistics show that I’ll essentially every 60 approaches get 58 reactions of complete disinterest, one good reaction and a number from a girl who seems Suspicious-On, and one killer reaction from a Super-On girl who I’ll almost (or actually) fuck.
London always retains the capacity to surprise you. In London I spent weeks and weeks of nothing, then within 3 days almost bedded two teenagers.

English girls

English girls are to be avoided wherever possible. Reactions from English girls are very noticeably poorer than all other nationalities (bar Asian). Most daygamers in London will not open girls if they appear English. Contrary to opinion, not all English girls are unattractive, physically. They are nearly all, however, unattractive once personality is taken into account. Perhaps I should say ‘unattracteable’ instead?

Usually English girls offer immediate distinterest, they rarely ‘engage’ with the set and the situation. English girls, being raised feminist, dehumanize men by removing men’s right to sexually express themselves. Men must simply exist, and they must pick from amongst them those which they desire. Being maculinized, they prefer docile, controllable Betas who are their own age and pretty. Actually coming forward as a man, chatting up a girl and progressing an interaction is absolutely contrary to everything they find attractive. Daygame itself kills attraction with English girls. Daygame does, however, work very well with American girls in London for a variety of factors, which is another post in itself.
Edge Surfing

London is a fascinating city to Daygame in because you are surfing at the edge of two different forces crashing together and reacting. On the one hand, you have a Feminist society, with aggressive and masculinized local girls with their sadly sky high SMV. On the other hand, you have a constant influx of tourists and FOB’s from non-Feminist countries, who are more attractive and have lower SMV. Additionally, as a daygamer you represent a Red Pill man, acting to his own agenda and like it or not, a force contrary to the western socialist/feminist societal decay. Ironically…  you are enacting this agenda at the hotseat of this decay.



London Daygame, at the minute, and for me at least, can be boiled down to this: it’s consistent, it’s doable but it’s a chore. It’s about putting up with reams of  nothing to get the occasional fantastic reaction and opportunity, which is very much likely and possible once enough work is done. What I am doing is filtering the streets, casting a net, and looking essentially for a girl who is:

a) foreign

b) a tourist

c) if not a tourist then who has not become tainted


I only have a couple more weeks left. I’m going to try and make the most of it.


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  1. Hi John. I live in London and in June quit my job with the sole intention of doing nothing but daygame for a couple of months. I am 44, by the way. I share many of your observations, though not all. I don’t think there is a shortage of girls but there is real problem with quality. It’s just a sea of averageness. As you say there are very few girls with that ‘something extra’, the ones that make you do a double take, the ones that make you come alive and think ‘I just HAVE to talk to this girl’. I love those moments, the rush of excitement, living in the moment. Like you, I avoid Oxford Street though will sometimes mine the streets just off it as they are less crowded and unpleasant. I find English girls are fine to approach…as long as they are middle class. If they don’t have a degree/are studying for a degree they are unable to navigate an unexpected conversation with a stranger. Like you, I seldom see other daygamers (and you can always spot if a guy is a daygamer). If I do it will generally be in the popular haunts like Trafalgar Square. Anyway, I have found a new job so will be restricting my daygame to weekends for the coming months. I enjoy the blog.

  2. Thank you for the article Bodi. Great observations and very funny … the obese Arab jawas had me laughing out loud 🙂

    Your analysis of english girls is spot on. These characteristics mixed with the infinite and endless sets in London makes it somewhat of a fools paradise. You have infinite potential opportunities with a low % chance of any positive outcome. This is then a game played by the optimist, obsessive or lunatic. The hack is as you say looking for foreign girls within the maelstrom.

    That also explains that while it is seen as daygame mecca you have relatively few active daygamers at any one time (you suggested 50). The churn rate is huge as most of the junior daygamers in London are chewed up and spat out in no time at all. The split I would suggest from my observation of active daygamers is something as follows;

    good & getting laid regularly: 5%

    Most newbies will simply attempt sets for a couple of months .. realise the work rate and sheer brutality in the field and give up (or if pretty much sorted and decent looking find a girlfriend and convince himself a relationship is what they really want after all).

    On english girls, there is a subset of them the 9s/10s, especially the native english models/dancers/actresses who you sometime catch walking to a casting in the West End .. they are the daygame set from hell. Their perceived value is what I imagine a Cleapatra’s would have been … they seem to have the belief they have transcended mortality and are now living in the realms of the gods.

    You hinted at another interesting effect “if not a tourist then who has not become tainted” in your final comment on foreign girls. I have noticed that some foreign girls, in my own experience eastern European, living here for a few years become just like the english girls, cold, disinterested and aloof. I can only presume this is as they learn their SMV is high & absorb the values of their english sisters. Its quite bizarre .. and very frustrating when you bump into one!

  3. I loved the post John! Super in depth too.

    Recently I was in Belgrade for 2.5 months and really connected with what you said when you would experience the results of “shit shit shit shit shit Amazing shit shit shit”

    That’s exactly what I was experiencing in Belgrade, which was odd and new to me coming from LA.

    Met up with a few local London Daygamers for a few days while I was in Belgrade too and they stated (which also confirms) pretty much everything you’ve stated here.

    Loving the recent posts you’ve been putting out, and the podcasts you’ve been doing with Tom. Keep it up man,

    – Alan

  4. I forgot to mention within the newbies there is a strain of PUA who has been trudging the streets for years as a sort of hobby … they refuse to actually do anything to improve their game, they are comfortable in doing whatever it is they do (usually a quick approach, you look nice or similar, a blow out .. rinse and repeat). These probable make up 5% of the 90% newbie as well. The masochists.

    1. Interesting point. I don’t think they’re masochists, usually the blowouts don’t bother them at all. They’re usually 5% aspie’s and a bit emotionally flat. For them daygame is a weird hobby in itself, and isn’t about getting laid.

      1. yes actually they are immunised to the blowouts although watching them you wince for them 🙂 they seem to be resistant to self improvement in any shape or form, whether in terms of looks, inner or outer game or lifestyle development. they no longer are in it for a lay .. I think its the thrill of stopping a women and saying something for a few seconds. really quite odd.

        1. “they refuse to actually do anything to improve their game, they are comfortable in doing whatever it is they do (usually a quick approach, you look nice or similar, a blow out .. rinse and repeat)..”

          …”I think its the thrill of stopping a women and saying something for a few seconds. really quite odd.”

          They might actually be trying to overcome their approach anxiety in the way recommended by GLL amongst others. A lot of would be puas find it difficult to make the intimidating jump from not approaching women in the street at all to stopping, conversing, and getting a close. A few might get rather stuck at the stage of simply being able to stop a woman and saying hi, or asking for directions/complimenting.

          Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to reading your book but as I’m constantly on the move, I haven’t been able to order it confident that it wont be held up at a post office and returned to sender. Your blog stands out for two things – the excellent standard of writing, and the raw honesty. I’m glad that you’ve kept it honest with the book, judging from the description.

  5. “Obese Arabs wander Oxford Street trailing their families behind them like materialistic Jawas”

    Haha this cracked me up. When trawling Oxford st I end up stopping at Selfridges and turn back as the farther I head up to Marble Arch the more it feels like im in downtown Baghdad.

    Im surprised the timewaster Spanish didnt get more of a mention 😉

  6. I am wondering if the readers of this blog can help me with a problem. Upon approach and opening I dread in case the girl turns out to be English. Hence my approaches don’t come off as good as it can be. Does anyone know how I can remedy this problem? If I knew the girl was non English I could open no problems whatsoever everytime.

    1. Bob, the solution is simple: give less of a fuck. Grow bigger balls.

  7. Spot on…
    Altho English girls do hookup if they’re out of town or newbies to landaan tarn

    1. What about established girls with friends family and decent career? Do any of you guys get them?

      1. If they’re English then you have just described the girls you are least likely to have success with. It is possible, but you have to make a huge impact on them. Generally daygame works better with introverted girls, quite clever and feminine, who like to do their own thing sometimes. They make decisions on men based on what they feel, not what they feel their social circle feels. As English women are generally low IQ herd animals this tends to preclude them from this behaviour.

  8. I’m experiencing the English girls phenomenon here in Canada. After spending the last 7 months in EE, the local girls here are just not fun to interact with. As you mentioned about English girls, they’re cold and disinterested. I’ve actually had quite a few what-I-thought to be good sets only to end in flakes.

    The problem here in Montreal is that, unlike London, you can’t avoid the local girls. The foreign birds don’t make up a big enough percentage. I’ve lost all motivation to daygame and that’s been my main hobby for the past year and a half.

  9. Hmm Spanish girls in London I have found to be for the most part a waste of time aswell .. there are loads of them, sometimes whole coffee shops seem to be staffed solely by Spanish immigrants..

    Has anyone got any idea what their deal is? I assumed the Spanish women would have a bit of fire to them .. they seem to have that reputation but I just get icey reactions from them, they often don’t get it and are generally unfriendly pfff

    1. I increasingly loathe the Spanish. More and more to me they seem like the sub-race of Europe. Weird jabbering accent, small stature and absolutely utterly fucking stupid. I see them as a frizzy-haired pygmy race. I get generally good reactions off Spanish girls but know it’s ultimately a waste of time. They are very low IQ pack animals. Far more than even English girls. They live in these big packs of Spaniards and don’t seem to even have any English friends. They don’t seem to even connect properly with foreigners. Italians are all round much nicer.

  10. Interacting with women from around the world opens your eyes to anthropological discovery .. the invasion of Spain by the Berbers and Arabs in 700s onward and subsequent intermingling (read sexual slavery and rape) means they likely share many of the same ‘qualities’ as the aforementioned. When seen in this context your analysis makes total sense.

  11. The frizzy hair you mention, the dark hue & the large bottoms are just the physical manifestations of this genetic legacy … logic dictates it would have a cognitive & behavioural manifestations too. I guess the rest of Europe soon has all this to look forward to with the current wave of economic migrants.

  12. How about Spanish speaking but not from Spain. Say South America. Are they in the same boat as European Spanish?

    1. They are far better. Much less Spanish-aspies weird, more fun, more engaged and you’re more likely to fuck them.

  13. Interesting to hear the view that daygame works best on introverted girls. I guess it makes sense extroverts want to be the centre of attention. When an over confident guy (which is what a good day gamer is) stops them in a extroverted manner, it is a conflict/competetion to the personality of the extroverted girls personality. People go on about how they dislike certain nationalities because the woman show a maculine like quality. I am thinking masulinity and extroversion are somehow connected.

  14. Why do you guys think you struggle with English girls?

      1. Sorry, was just being a bit lazy and not writing out what I meant in full (or any sentences). I was a bit shocked reading the above where if you guys talk to a girl and she is English, you’ll just immediately drop it as a waste of time.

        I’m not arguing that English girls aren’t harder in certain circumstances. Just more interested in why? I know some will be tempted to perhaps blame woman/the government and say “England has been ruined by Feminazis/socialists”. But I think that might be a bit lazy, or a part of it, or a small part of it.

        Is it something to do with ‘fresh meat’? Basically English girls living in London already have large social networks, and if they were decent birds, they’d already be monopolized in a loved up relationship, leaving only the girls with problems, whereas the new arrivals haven’t had the cream skimmed off yet?|

        Or is it that tourist birds are more up for a fling being there only temporarily?

  15. I have been gaming in London for a year, being previously in several large and small cities across Europe and Australia.
    Your description of English girls and day gaming in London is extremely accurate. I rank London 2nd most difficult place to approach girls after Sydney.

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