The London Experiment: Conclusion

I’m writing this through gritted teeth. I really have no interest at the minute in updating my blog so I’m forcing myself to do it. I’m not saying I’m winding it up, I just mean at present I don’t have much interest, so please excuse me if this filters through into my prose.


I’ve recently left London after a 16 week stint there. I picked London because frankly I got sick of travelling. I remember sitting on my balcony in Buenos Aires and realizing I couldn’t even be arsed to get the ferry on a day trip to see Uruguay. I had no desire to see another part of Argentina, or even see anything more of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, I realised that Buenos Aires wasn’t for me. First, Argentine women are timewasters. They don’t really enjoy men, they enjoy playing with them. It’s a zero-sum game: they gain nothing from it and simply destroy value. I’m not interested in them: I don’t like children who play with their food, I like ones who relish it. Second, the Argentines, the rest of them, are a bit weird. I really can see why BA has the highest concentration of psychologists per capita in the world. They are a little ‘hystericos’. Cross the hand-waving melodrama of the Italians with a Spanish IQ and South-American incompetence and you have a load of highly strung, idle and incompetent wops with eggshell-thin egos.

I realised that if I was going to stay and build a new life in South America, then I’d have to move country and start again. I knew I didn’t have it in me. I thought more about girls, and game, and Tom’s words haunted me, “you’ve had most of your success in London”. Was I running away? I worried I was.

The thought occured to me: perhaps a London stint would do me good. I could spend a lot of time with my family: my sister and my niece. I could meet friends and have an almost instantaneous social circle. And the daygame? It might have been more of a grind than Eastern Europe but it had produced results, and had less breakdowns. I’d give it another shot.


Life in London


London can be summarised as two matched pairs of pros and cons:


1) Friends vs Depravity

Through the Game network I found it easy to have a network of friends in London. I also, in moments of good vibe, stumbled across several ‘ins’ to new social circles. With family nearby then this box is firmly ticked.

The downside is the exposure to depravity. London drips with it on every street. Each day you are non-stop bombarded with faggotry, leftie-ism, immigrants, ethnics, impoliteness, drunkeness, squalor and horror. It is truly like living in the Judge Dredd comics’ Mega City One.


2) Culture vs Cost

There’s loads to do in London. With the tiniest of effort you can find something to do every night of the week. Hell, from alone you can do something every single day of the month. The downside to this smorgasbord of cultural fodder is two-fold. First, the cost in financial terms. London’s damn expensive! My Unplugging budget of a grand a month was immediately doubled. Second, due to the fact that the average Londoner is now a harcore Marxist/Feminist then when interacting you have to constantly bite your tongue. Go to an innocuous sounding ‘Evening on Modern Architecture’ and you can guarantee that within minutes a pompous Guardian reader will have found a way to talk about ‘fairness’.




Ok ok so we get to the money shot, this is what you all want to know anyway. I’m now going to give you the brutally honest lowdown.


  • In 16 weeks I managed to do about 300 sets of daygame. And this is being able to, if I wished, essentially daygame full time.
  • From those 300 sets I fucked one girl, a very hot Brazilian 27yo tourist, whom I enjoyed a mini-break in Amsterdam with.
  • I had two very near-misses with teenagers. One, where I almost SDL’ed a 19year old, who was one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in my life. The second, where I interfered with an 18yo German au pair in my room, got a hand-job onto Tom’s rug and only didn’t bang her because she refused to fuck with her cunt full of womb-jam.
  • Aside from this, I had 2 further dates and a couple of i-dates. I probably got in total around 15 numbers, three of which were “suspicious On” girls who I thought I’d have a high chance of banging if I could get them out. Unfortunately they all were manically busy and about to leave London, and I got none of them out. The two other dates were with timewasters.


I’m not sure if the above results are disappointing or not. My heart feels like they are, however my head tells me they really aren’t that bad. Most daygamers don’t fuck anybody. Let that sink in: most daygamers do not fuck anybody from daygame. Most 40 year old men don’t fuck anybody. I fucked a stunning girl and almost cranked two teenagers. Compared to the celebrity daygamer these results are poor, but most of those daygamers aren’t in London.

There’s a real danger here to forget what the dating options for the normal 40 year old single man are, and let me tell you, they are virtually zero. Most 40 year old men seem to do one of these:

  1. live miserable lives with fat, nagging wives
  2. date loathsome tranny-like 35+ women scraped from the barrel of months of soul-destroying rejection on online dating
  3. withdraw from the marketplace, enjoy their life and stack paper, then bang whores or semi-whores on bi-yearly trips Eastwards
  4. The exception being the odd one with either a happy marriage or who’s got his shit together and is running some kind of ecosystem (e.g. dance teacher, DJ) and getting some results

I talked to a friend a week ago. He’s 42 and married, with three children. When I told him I’d banged one hot 27 year old Brazilian in three months he dropped his fork. “Christ!” he said, “I’ll have to start doing daygame!”.

Nevertheless… for me, my results feel disappointing. If I’d banged all three, then I’d be happy; but for just one, it feels like too much effort for too little return.


The Cost of Daygame

My London time really showed me that Daygame in London, for me, has a high cost associated with it. In the 16 weeks in London I suffered an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs. Three whole weeks were lost to depressive attacks and recovery. Some days I was hyper, the others I achieved nothing. In a recent podcast I recorded with Krauser we discuss this phenomena (don’t know if he’s released it yet). Daygame is taxing and it drains you. All hardcore daygamers know this and they structure their lives around it. Don’t expect to achieve much of anything else if you’re doing a lot of daygame.

For me, my threshold for daygame is very low. I found that when increasing the amount I did per week I simply reached this threshold faster. It would become a chore, and I’d become insincere. It was revelatory to look at my approach stats from the experience and see that despite wanting to “get stuck into daygame” I’d achieved what amounted to basically one very big day of daygame per week. In fact, if I did it again then that’s exactly what I’d do. I’d do ONE big day, starting very early, of 20 sets, then 6 days to recover.

Daygame in London is not pleasant. London itself saps one’s vibe. Walking on the streets it’s hard to find any calm: your senses are constantly bombarded and you’re jostled and hassled. In my opinion reactions in London are far poorer than they were 2 years ago. More eye rolls, more rudeness and much less interest. The only sets that get any traction are usually with foreign girls who are either tourists or FOB. Again, this is for ME, and maybe you feel very differently. Two years ago I was stumbling on an English Yes-girl every 1-200 sets who was easy to get on a date and who liked me. This time round this metric seems to have completely disappeared. The cause? I don’t know, but I suspect London has been over-gamed due to the army of men getting into daygame. I also believe that non-obese women’s SMV in the UK is increasing year by year and is measurably higher than two years ago. Other PUAs report that far more girls are in relationships than in the past: a sign of women having great buying power. In my opinion daygame in London has now degenerated into one simple thing: hunt the foreigner. The only time anybody I know gets results is with non-English girls who are tourists, or FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) and looking for adventure sex. Either that or they’re under 35 and really good looking.

The real cost of daygame is in how it affects your life, and I found that in London it absolutely wrecked it. I got literally nothing of any consequence done in those sixteen weeks. Almost no work on my business, almost no gym time. Ontop of this the constant low level stress of daygame I am sure worsened my depression.

I contrast this to the daygame I did in Buenos Aires, and the cost of that was zero. I was working extremely hard on a full time course, doing homework each evening and had no time for daygame but to rush out each lunchtime and do thirty minutes. Given how much the course and business had added structure to my life and removed any of the spare time which is neccessary to build up depression, I was highly energized. The city wasn’t vibe-sapping, rather the opposite, and there were plenty of targets who, although ultimately disinterested, gave good reactions. It was easy as pie to run out and do a quick five sets, with absolutely no cost at all. In fact, the daygame resulted in a productivity gain.



The first conclusion is this: Daygame, for me, in London… for me… is not worth it.

As I discussed in a recent podcast with Krauser I was horrified to sit back and see how little in the rest of my life I’d achieved during those 16 weeks. I’d done almost zero work on my mysterious business. I’d barely attended the gym. Nothing! Furthermore, during that period I was afflicted by my old enemy, depression and lost probably 2-3 weeks from it. Daygame for me, in those circumstances, causes a lot stress, anxiety and mood swings. By the end of 16 weeks I was burned out and ready to leave. It isn’t a maintainable long-term strategy.

I look back at the lovely girl I met and think “was it worth it?”. Well, the answer is  yes. I’m living now having had the night-terrors of the sexual scrapheap kept at bay. I’m glad I did it, but I don’t want to do it again. Sixteen weeks of my life now would be better filled with productivity, stability, happiness and hobbies rather than sixteen weeks of instability, nothingness and a shag. What is this? Is it maturity? It is giving up? To some I imagine it’s game heresy. You are not allowed to admit there’s a point where it’s not worth it. Everything’s possible. It’s just mindset. It’s just limiting beliefs. Well… I can see why people get fanatical like that: basically the road ahead is so hard that nothing but fanaticism gets you through it. However, I think after you’ve done a shitload of game, and you’ve done a few thousand approaches then you earn the right to look at it with some skepticism and objectivity.

It isn’t even a question of sixteen weeks of not getting laid. For those results I believe there are better options than daygame. Not online dating, of course not… don’t be silly. Not bargame. But dance-class game. Yes, I attended some dance classes during my time in London and with my keen game eye for social dynamics my educated guess would be that if I’d gone to dance class three times a week, networked, carefully socialized, built my circles, worked the crowd, waited, made my move… then there’d be a good chance I could have got a girl of equal quality through dance class in a similar time frame.

What’s next?

I won’t live in London again. The cost is too high and the depravity affects me. The results from game are probably worse than I could find abroad. Investing time in building a life in London is futile.

I’m doing some much needed work on my little business, then I’m jetting off for another winter in South America. I plan on visiting two different countries, a city in each, and continuing my research for my permanent ‘Winter Location’. Somewhere I can, hopefully for many years to come, live for the winter period and build up a social network, English-teaching work, contacts, girls, etc. I also drastically need to lose 30-40 lbs in weight, as this will improve my lot next year during the summer season.

I’ll return next February or March, probably spend a few weeks in Newcastle, then look to move to my ‘Summer City’ in Eastern Europe. I don’t think hopping from city to city, living the Laptop Lifestyle life with few friends and trying to do ‘hit n run’ daygame will work for me. I’ll probably look to build a life somewhere and get an English teaching job. Maybe.



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  1. I agree with you about daygame being so draining. I’m not sure this is true for everyone. It may well depend on personality types, but I know even experienced guys like Krauser find this to be the case. I did have a dream of getting to a level of daygame competence such that I could just go about my daily life, and pick off hot women at will on a whim as they passed me on the street. I now think that this is unlikely. To have success I’ll have to regularly do big approach sessions. If I lose momentum and don’t approach for say a couple of months, I’ll have to spend at least a couple of weeks getting back in the groove before making quality approaches again.

    What’s this talk of being an English teacher? I thought your business was gaining momentum and you were going down the entrepreneurial route?

    1. I am, but the laptop lifestyle isn’t enough. I need interaction.

  2. Okay, so you did 300 approaches in 16 weeks? If you were going out every day Monday to Friday day gaming and had the weekends off, that equates to 80 days and 3.75 approaches per day.

    I mean come on Bodi I’m sure you can do more than that. I know you’re 40 and you claim yourself you could lose weight, but still realistically you should be able to push yourself to do more than that. Even if each approach is a harsh rejection, after a while you should be able to become indifferent.

    I’ve never met you in the flesh, but I’ve heard some of your podcasts and to be frank you don’t sound hugely confident. I know you’ve stated you suffer from depression, I’ve actually been through periods where I’ve been severely depressed as well so I know what it’s like, but I’m sure you could do better.

    One of my friends dad’s is this hugely charismatic Syrian guy (he’s also Christian before you get into an ideological hissy fit). He’s fat, old (around 60), balding, smokes like a chimney, and not particularly attractive . Yet he some how manages to fuck girls in their 20s and early 30s and keep them as his girlfriends for a while.

    So I’m sure there’s hope for you if that guy can fucking do it.

    In my opinion, which I realise is unsolicited, all you “red pill” guys focus way too much on bullshit outside of your control (immigrants, feminists, lefties etc.) and not enough on your own lives. Not to mention 90% of the posts you guys come out with are negative, critical etc. If you go out in the field with this kind of vibe you’re fucked before you even begin.

    1. Only someone who doesn’t daygame would think 300 approaches was unsatisfactory. I also note you have ignored the fact that I actually did have success! This comment is nothing more than cleverly disguised Concern Trolling. Banned.

      1. this response was worth the price of admission alone haha

    2. I love all these dudes in the manosphere who “know a guy” that’s old, fat, bald, short, dresses like shit etc etc…. yet fucks girls in their 20s on the regular.

      Anybody in the game for real knows this is fucking impossible unless you are spending big cash on semi pro hookers.

      Think about it… Your game would have to be astronomical to overcome such a poor aesthetic and age age. So even if it is a true story, 99.9% of men have absolutely no shot at ever cultivating that level of game hence the story is utterly useless to refer to as a beacon of hope for aspiring gamers.
      [ED: Yes, I was laughing when the “mythical friend of a friend” story popped out]

      1. I just think “show me the evidence”. Reminds me of David Hume on miracles: ‘That no testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous, than the fact, which it endeavours to establish….’ When anyone tells me, that he saw a dead man restored to life, I immediately consider with myself, whether it be more probable, that this person should either deceive or be deceived, or that the fact, which he relates, should really have happened. I weigh the one miracle against the other; and according to the superiority, which I discover, I pronounce my decision, and always reject the greater miracle. If the falsehood of his testimony would be more miraculous, than the event which he relates; then, and not till then, can he pretend to command my belief or opinion.

  3. I love the honesty of your blog.

    I lived in Switzerland for 2 months recently, and realised for the first time in my 27 years on earth how utterly incomprehensibly miserable London truly is.

    It’s a degenerate cess pit, and like you I find myself only really connecting with foreign girls. For me, it isn’t even that English girls are disinterested (I have plenty of access to social circles of decent looking English girls) it’s the fact they are insufferable. The entitlement and idiocy of the average English female is incomprehensible. I constantly find myself pinching myself, incredulous as to how people can be so detached from reality.

    Anyway, good luck with your quest. I think you’ll have good success in Budapest, the summers there are great and girls seem really receptive to older guys.

    1. Good comment. Yes, English girls are emotionally detached. I saw on someone’s blog recently a quote, something like “how can I connect to a girl where every conversation sounds like a televised debate”. So true. I look at a lot of young women and see banal narcississts, agressive and spouting liberal tropes with glassy eyes. It’s dystopian. It’s not just the girls, either.

      1. This is actually a fascinating issue, it used to be one of my guilty daygame secrets (i.e. 0 success with English girls in London) .. a friend told me though upon my tangential commentary on the subject that English girls were like this and the penny dropped. I wonder why English girls are like this though, I mean they aren’t the most educated, or thoughtful women in the world so they cant be absorbing feminist bullshit consciously, its a liberal society so they aren’t bound by repressive sexual rules.

      2. Haha yes the guys are fucking worse that’s for sure.

        What do you think bout the long term future of Europe? This hyper-left cancer seems to have spread quite far. It’s difficult to imagine where we’ll end up in 10-15 years

  4. Bodi, would you ever consider joining the ranks of white men who move to SEA due to unlimited easy bangs with 6s and 7s – and the promise of actually attaining 8s and 9s with a little bit of work. Also in SEA gear is available over the counter – a big plus for aging older men who still wanna have quality of life and bang young birds.

    I’m currently living in Thailand – got my home base there due to good infrastructure, low crime and modern medical care. I regularly hit up Cambodia, Phillipines, Laos etc etc…..

    I know a lot of gamers would say this is checking out of the market and being a pussy, but I can’t see an average guy like myself competing anymore in the big leagues of say new York city, London, Los Angeles etc etc…

    I noticed most guys doing London daygame either fucked adventure sex tourists or FOB forieners who viewed white western cock as a level up. Since I can work anywhere due to online work I decided to go straight to the source.

    I plan to start hitting up prime eastern european cities once I finish recovering from my recent unplugging. Like you I’d fancy two spots per year, yet I chose SEA over SA due to the bigger value add here by being white and from the west.

  5. Having had a few successes in a couple of smaller UK cities, I moved to London a year ago hoping to live the daygame dream, when I was immediately confronted with the same energy/vibe sapping city you’ve just described. Before moving here, I’d only slept with English women, and actually thought I liked their personalities, but now when I do an approach i find my self repeating in my head “Please be foreign, Please be foreign…”

    I feel like its a weasel to not approach because a girl looks stereo-typically English, so it’s good to know other men feel the same.

    Please keep up the blog though Bodi. I’ve been following you for a while and plan on doing the same as you and taking a sabbatical to somewhere cheaper and with more beautiful women very soon.

  6. The cognitive dissonance you experience between feeling disappointment vs. contentment (or your heart and head as you mention) seem to boil down to what you are looking at. If you look at your interaction with women, then it was obviously a success … a lot of guys would NEVER bang a really hot girl full stop. So you’ve done something most guys never would by shagging the hot Brazilian. Keep this in the memory bank! However, if you zoom out and take a macro view of your life you take into account all the other things that you would like to do and the opportunity cost of doing all that daygame then perhaps it was a disappointment for you. This is something I understand well as I am trying to pursue several things in my life apart from success with women. Efficiency is therefore important and I personally cant trawl the streets for days on end and need solid results from the time I can spend on the street. For some in the pua community they have no opportunity cost … they don’t care about anything apart from getting a potential lay and are quite happy to trudge through the streets for hours, days and weeks. You bring up an issue which isn’t talked about by many and it is about a balanced lifestyle .. how to reconcile doing daygame with a healthy, full and happy life.

    You sum up the London hustle fantastically, its a depressing and soulless experience for sure, you aren’t the only one who thinks this. Its also brutal in terms of poor reactions. It really is a case of hunt the foreigner in London (as soon as you realise its an English girl you may as well back peddle out of the conversation as far as I’m concerned). This hunting the foreigner leads to another unwanted side effect though, as many of the aforementioned foreigners are in ‘transit’ you end up collecting leads and potentially LTRs / Regulars all over the place which leads to frustration (it would be ideal just to have a few high quality girls here who you can keep seeing). I’ve ‘collected’ one hot 21 year old in Russia & two in Iceland (one Icelandic and the other jobbing Lithuanian working out there). I cant get out there just like that and don’t particularly have a burning desire to visit (especially f-ing Iceland). Perhaps a trip could be arranged but it isn’t ideal.

  7. Ed: you’re banned. You’re welcome to read but not to leave comments (including any response to this).

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. You are a brave man! Enjoy your adventures in South America.

  9. Having done 2 eastern Europe trips recently, to Budapest and Kiev, I’m now just seeing London as training with any lays as a bonus. I believe it’s down to demographics, London has more men than women. Eastern Europe has a lack of men, particularly quality men.

    4 days in Budapest resulted in around 15 numbers and sex with a girl who’s easily an 8 (possibly even a mythical 9), 4 days in kiev got me 20 numbers and 4 dates with smoking hot girls, though regrettably no lay.

    A hard day in London today got me 2 numbers and the one that’s responded to my text is FOB.

    1. What you say is true. I’ve spent 8 months in EE over the past year and a half and recently returned to Canada. I think all of the Anglosphere has the same issue in varying degrees – too many men for not enough decent women. In Eastern Europe it’s the opposite. I left there thinking about how much of pimp I was from all the positive feedback I was receiving only to have that reality crushed upon my return to The West.

      I really think game comes down to optimizing yourself (fitness, dress, mental health), putting yourself out there and choosing the right location. All the game stuff is helpful (a bonus) but much less so then the other things I mentioned. For example in Ukraine I could go out and get 10 solid numbers in a row in a couple hours all from cuties (it happened) and then do the same in Canada and not get 1 single solid number. In fact I’ve received several fake numbers. That never happened once in Eastern Europe.

      Look at all the girls Krauser bangs, even in London. All foreigners. Not a coincidence. You can sum up his Daygame Mastery like this – go to a place where men are valued, don’t be a pussy and put yourself out there.
      [ED: Yes, I basically agree]

  10. You are 40lbs overweight and have been talking about losing weight for YEARS now. As a 40 year old man without money or status aiming to fuck hot (I hope) young girls, that is a luxury you just can’t afford. Three weeks lost to bouts of depression? Yeah, that makes total sense to me. Your mental health is a fuction of your physical health. You are borderline obese. 40lbs of fat is HUGE.

    Honestly mate, anything less than utter ruthlessness with adhering to a structured daily routine built around maximising physical and mental wellbeing is a big mistake. You said it yourself – you were happiest in Argentina with structure and routine. Embrace it. Get selfish and start putting your health first. Or don’t and waste a fuck load more time to anxiety bouts while shooting yourself in the foot regarding the type of quality you can reasonably expect to get from daygame.

    It makes me so fucking angry that 15 comments under this blog post not a single person has called out the elephant in the room. The cognitive dissonance can really be astonishing at times, from a sub-culture who frequently mocks it when it comes from the masses of blue pilled wider society.

    You are a 40 year old fat man with depression and no money or status. Opening 300 sets for 1 bang and a few near misses is bleak. I know daygame is a grind but those are shit numbers. There’s no way your vibe can be on point when you are so unhealthy. No concern trolling mate I promise, I’m a longtime reader (since you started in 2011 with your old blog). But every year it’s the same old story. You’re fat. I’d really start thinking about fixing that as a priority if I were you if you want to be happy and get off the rollercoaster of bipolarity you’re currently on.

    1. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, this time.
      Sixteen weeks work to find a hot, charming, relationship-level 27yo girl, and that’s a grind? Nope. And I did it without status or money: because I don’t need them.
      Regarding the fat thing, I tend to over-egg it a bit as I veer towards self-criticism as a means of self-improval and often overlook my accomplishments (the opposite of most commenters). I’m still 6’3, athletic and physically imposing, even when not at my best. Agree though, that I need to get to my best, which I will in South America.

  11. [ED: I have plenty of commenters offering me constructive criticism. You, however, are nothing more than a troll, and this is why you are banned. Au revoir]

  12. I feel depressed for you putting in so much work and only getting one lay. Would it not be better to just move to some country you know you’ll have success in and find a young girlfriend? You’d get so much more sex. Maybe a bit of nagging but there must be a book on nag-management (jokes). Downsides: girlfriend nagging vs daygame grind. Upsides: sex a few times a week vs sex once in 16 weeks… You’d have far more time to work on your business too. If it’s any consolation this post has massively motivated me to capitalise on the few years of youth I have left. I’m 28 but I think i’ll probably call it a day at 35 and settle down with the best looking/nicest girl combo i can find. Maybe that’ll change i don’t know.

    As for fat loss I used the keto diet. Give it a try for two weeks and see if you’re not convinced of its benefits. You’ll be losing weight on the couch.

    Good luck.

    1. Is it depressing? Fucking a solid 8 with a couple of teeny near-misses every 16 weeks means in ten years you’d fuck well over 30 HB8s and a clean up a dozen of the teeny misses (don’t forget one was a hb9), which is staggering. I really think people aren’t thinking it through. Most guys in game don’t fuck anybody, then give up. Most of the rest just fuck girls 2 points below them. After really thinking it all through I’m actually now quite pleased with my results! But yes, totally agree, if sex is the issue: then a steady girlfriend is the solution.
      Low carb stuff sends me bananas.

  13. I think you should fix your depression above anything else. For me daygame helped to fix depression. I am no longer depressed. I am almost 40 have not been daygaming for a few months because of work etc but when I do get back soon the only draining thing will be tired-ness from walking. Nothing mental. If you are mentally affected it means you are depressed.

    1. It’s a complex question, which I wanted to think through in the post. For me, daygame seemed to make depression worse. I guess everyone’s different. Tom’s a good example: he used daygame to cure his depression.

    2. Bodi : I linked to this post from Authentic PUA, and this comment is not trolling. I am offering my opinion, I do think you and Nick haven´t thought this through properly.

      [ED: Hi Steve. seems like this innocuous post generated a lot of comment didn’t it? i’ll go through yours now and respond in place. i’m going to be brutally honest; don’t mistake it for trolling, though]

      1:/ Youre forgetting that it´s going to get more difficult as time goes on. All things will not remain equal. If nothing else the relentless passage of time alone will make it more difficult for you:

      (i) Harder to lose weight
      (ii) Deterioration in looks
      [ED: yep, although I am not at the top of the curve yet. if I can sort my vibe/location then I’ll have a (perhaps short) period of doing better than ever before]

      But (in my view) above and beyond that there is something downright inappropriate and debilitating for a man in the 40-50 age bracket making this the focus of his life (if you are not doing so, then apologies). You already mentioned 3 weeks out of 16 lost due to depression. That is FUCKED. I am probably as well acquainted with depression as you are, by the way so I know what I am talking about.

      [ED: you’re starting to project a little here as you’ve done and dusted your game journey and are trying to leave. I’d generally say guys should do what they want irrespective of social conditioning, as long as it truly makes them content. For me, as I said to the other commenter, I should really mention that next year my game is just focusing on getting a gf]

      Possibly I am projecting here because I did have a significant weakness in my armor re money (though this weakness is 10% of what it was 2 years ago, because I have worked on it), but this is a time when you need to get damn serious about money. Perhaps you anticipate significant amounts when your parents depart this earth, or some other plan but situations can change, relying on externalities like this would scare the shit out of me.¨

      [ED: your money is other men’s game. just as you can get hot girls with little effort or worry, me and plenty of guys i know don’t worry about money. if we need it we can go get some. just as you ‘need to get serious about money’ then me and those guys ‘need to get serious about women’ at this time in our lives]

      Please note this is NOT to enable you to get girls. I´m pretty sure I could coast along over the next 10 years making scraps of money here and there and still get very hot girls myself..But that is no kind of life man.

      [ED: I could coast along over the next 10 years picking up scraps of 7’s here and there, and making plenty money, but that is no kind of life man.]

      Leading onto point 2:

      Another thing that is hardly ever talked about in this community is getting girls to stick around. It can be kind of hip and cool I suppose for a man in his early 20s and poss early 30s to focus on chasing and shagging women (I know I did!), but a quality girl like you mentioned is unlikely to stick around if that´s all you have as you move towards 40 and beyond.

      [ED: I thought you’d know me well enough to see I have no problem at all with this. You and Nick project far too much of yourselves onto me and this is an area where it is wholly inaccurate. My problem has always been getting the girls; never keeping them. If anything a problem in my game is in girls not putting out because they want to lock me in as a bf!]

      Now you can talk all you like about being red pill, seeing the Matrix etc, in my view this is what huddled nerds in the manosphere do to avoid addressing that they are objectively losers. Selling a few ebooks online doesn´t change that.

      [ED: I think this is actually subconscious projection. Not deliberately being a cunt, I just think it is.]

      From my own experience, things are really turning around for me financially and I look forward to the next 10 – 15 years of my dating life with optimism, confidence and anticipation. Addressing deep, black holes in my life helped me to formulate this.

      [ED: You did really well to get this far before getting back to your favourite topic. I think you’re improving]

      My black holes may not be yours but from an outsiders perspective, thats what I see.

      [ED: if you mean our failings are the same then you are outrageously wrong. I have no problem with money or with relationships, but a problem pulling hot girls. This makes us LITERALLY the opposite!]

      Things ain¨t gonna get any easier man. [ED: I disagree. If I lost 2 stone, had loads of friends, had a job that I loved teaching English and lived in an EE city full of hot girls and with advantageous gender demographics then I think it’ll get A SHITLOAD easier!]

      I hope you do not take this as trolling, I´ve pretty much written the same on my blog.

      [ED: just read it, and will leave a comment.]

  14. Totally agree about the tv style debate with english chicks.

    1. Thanks for the replies. I won´t do a blow by blow analysis of each section here as it might start to get a bit silly!

      What stands out from your responses is I think you drastically underestimate the difficulty of making significant sums of money. By significant I mean over 150,000 GBP per year (as a minimal baseline, by the way) You don´t just “go out and get money” like that. Nobody does.

      You even admitted that your daygaming efforts detracted from your business endeavours , so you are contradicting your own statments here.

      Before you reply that I have not yet made significant sums myself, please bear in mind that for the last 9 months I´ve been working with a business partner with a proven track record of making “significant” sums, and we´ve both found it pretty tough this time around.

      Either way, I wish you the best of luck.
      [ED: cheers. good luck to you too. hope you succeed!]

      1. Who’s your business partner Jabba? … They must be out of their fucking mind! You cant even run decent game .. which is supposed to be what you are good at … I hate to see what a train wreck you’d make out of something you admit to being bad at i.e. a business.

        Ps your commentary sounds eerily like something a sabotaging gamma wing would do by projecting your own insecurities onto someone else in order to make yourself feel better … silly me though, how could this be, after all you’ve banged loads of birds … I mean you’ve mentioned it on blogs / videos / in person for the benefit of AFCs anytime you get a chance!


        1. Gosh you are really are an angry little man arne´t you, following me all over the internet with your comments! haha

          It amazes me how wound up some guys get over blogs and commenting,,


  15. My “trolling” is the MOST constructive criticism you’ll get you mentally damaged coping PUAtard. Your Olympian-tier mental masturbation gymnastics are nothing but the sound of money to the ears of marketers such as Nick Nosferatu Krauser. More amazing is how with all that anabolic hormone running through your system from TRT you still remain an overweight emotional wreck. From the looks of it you’re more likely on ERT – Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

    1. I’m unbanning you: this is priceless! Keep em coming. You’re nothing but a little sluthate troll after all!

      1. Whatever helps you cope, mate.

  16. Leicester Square lothario Avatar
    Leicester Square lothario

    Like this blog and have read your stuff for a while. Tbh 300ish sounds a lot man, specially for an intermediate guy. Good discipline to keep going though, that’s commendable and something that should be praised. Now imo you have to ask yourself a few questions that I think all daygamers have had to deal with at one point or another.

    Is this actually working. Can I do this fairly regularly (eg once in a few weeks with decent effort put in obviously)?
    Are the girls out of my league?
    Would I not be better of actively looking for a girlfriend?
    I’m actually fucking lonely most of the time,does a relationship sound so bad?

    Game is a grind,everyone knows this. What guys need to ask themselves is have they enough talent to actually get to the point where they start enjoying this ride?

    [ED: Well yes, I have asked myself these questions and basically decided that yes, it isn’t worth it on those terms. And yes, perhaps I should have made things more clear, but I am looking for a girlfriend rather than bangs as, yes again, this grind isn’t worth it and I get most of my pleasure from the companionship]

  17. Leicester Square lothario Avatar
    Leicester Square lothario

    I genuinely believe you’ll get there. Focusing on getting the best girl you can is something to work towards and what ‘game’ is really about at the end of the day imo. Who knows you may have some adventures along the way.

    An upcoming post I’d like to read which no one seems to write anything about (just mentioning the importance of having it ie steve jabba) is money. How much (roughly) do you need to have saved up to wave goodbye to the suicidal 9-5, and how much on a yearly basis to keep you going?
    Not what business are you involved in and how much do you make? That’s no one’s business but your own.

  18. This is really a simple case of weighing up pros and cons of the varying options. Daygame vs the others. Saying daygame is tough is not the same as the other options being better.

    BTW, when I hear people say variants of “Just find a girlfriend, you’ll get more sex” it sounds like extremely low ambition. Even if you only WANT a girlfriend, there’s that massive question over her quality and the frame you bring her into.

    1. Not to mention that there is a huge difference (for me at least) between fucking the same girl 100 times and fucking 100 girls one time. The former really doesn’t come close to the latter in terms of pleasure obtained.

  19. At 6ft 3in you should be getting some young sluts. Everyone knows they like tall guys and want to be dominated especially feminists.

    [ED: Thank you for your insightful comment.]

  20. Careful about the girlfriend mate. It rarely works out right and no doubt who she is you’ll end up bored fucking her. I read a study the other day saying it takes twelve months tops and your bored of each other. Why do you think so many women are initiating divorce. Best to keep trying to bang young hotties for next few years and then cash in your chips and move to se Asia. It’s the only sensible option.

  21. Has Mr Bodi finally seen, the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes?

  22. Good analysis and a good plan. I’m willing, but not able, to do the same thing. Alternating between South America and Budapest/Odessa is something most men can only dream about.

    I also think trying a couple of cities in South America is a good idea. They might not all be the same.

    Well done on giving daygame in London a proper shake out first. You won’t die wondering if you made a mistake.

  23. After reading this article, I’m even more eager to read Part Two of “Death by a Thousand Sluts” when it comes out.

  24. Man. I highly praise your honesty. Your entire blog smells with that scarce and increasingly quality.

    It seems a little odd how do you decide what your priorities are…You are working your ass off in the most difficult part; getting women

    At the same time, you neglect the easiest part, getting rid of your belly. Don’t be overreactive and say you are imposing…yeah, like a tighthead rugby prop

    I wouldn’t say a shit about hoy depression affects you because I suffer from bipolar disorder (worst case scenario and I mean it) and fuck yes I know about depressions.

    At some point, somewhere in the future and space there is a sweet spot for you.

    Don’t ever give up. Just it. Everybody does, so you don’t. Worked…still working for me.

  25. Man. I highly praise your honesty. Your entire blog smells with that scarce and increasingly quality.

    It seems a little odd how do you decide what your priorities are…You are working your ass off in the most difficult part; getting women

    At the same time, you neglect the easiest part, getting rid of your belly. Don’t be overreactive and say you are imposing…yeah, like a tighthead rugby prop

    I wouldn’t say a shit about how depression affects you because I suffer from bipolar disorder (worst case scenario and I mean it) and fuck yes I know about depressions.

    At some point, somewhere in the future and space there is a sweet spot for you.

    Don’t ever give up. Just it. Everybody does, so you don’t. Worked…still working for me.

  26. Interesting post.
    When we met after Below The Belt Tour, “athletic” didn’t come to mind.

    With this greatest respect, who said Athletic?
    Is your BMI 20-25 like an athlete?

    1. Your first ever comment on my blog and this is it? An obfuscated insult and a request I qualify to you?
      Fuck off. Banned.

  27. Leicester Square lothario Avatar
    Leicester Square lothario

    @ Steve Jabba. At least £150000 a year, at a minimum! With all do respect you were probably struggling to make 10% of that annually through pua. Have a more modest goal of £30-40000, even that will be a challenge for someone new to business.
    Why such a high number in the first place?

  28. Bodi mate, i salute you! At the end of the day you put your balls on the line and give it a go, i mean ffs most guys haven’t got the testicles to do even that. Totally get it with the depression and London etc, I’m a born and bred forty something londoner (who also suffers from depression on and off since my teens) and if your prone to depressive episodes then being in london certainly doesn’t help. 300 sets in 16 weeks as fas as I’m concerned is fuckin great, with a lay and two near misses as well all with young birds, and you being 40, i mean jesus christ some of the comments here make me laugh slagging your effort off lol. Like i said respect you. The way you got to look at it is you are giving it a go (are they??). And nobody can argue with that! Keep it up son!

    1. Thanks a lot! Finally… someone with perspective.

      1. “perspective” sounds more to me like mental masturbation.
        be careful with comments from superfans who agree with everything you say and always say you’re doing a great job.

        And don’t be so harsh on negative feedback in the comment section and start banning them. Because they often hold constructive criticism.

        From reading all your posts (since day 1) you seem to always be fishing for complements on the comment section and respond mostly to comments from superfans who agree with everything you say and boost your ego by saying only great things about you. I don’t think its a good habit.

        1. Yes sir.. thank you for putting me in my place.
          Fuck off. Frame-controlling twat.

        2. who’s a superfan you moron? just saying good work bodi seeing as most people who have been posting comments here have been slagging him off. I wouldn’t mind if they put their money where their mouths are and went out and put their nutsacs on the line but alas just keyboard warriors like yourself. And you been re-banned lol. CUNT!

  29. “Nick Nosferatu Krauser” – this did make me laugh even if it is silly trolling lameness!

  30. I noticed the subject of physical limitations has come up in this thread (age, weight, looks and so on). Just out of curiosity what is your opinion on Nick Vujicic?

    The guy was born without any limbs, he’s currently a motivational speaker and he has an attractive wife. So seemingly he has done pretty well for himself.

    Here’s a link:

  31. Bodi,
    if you’re fat, have a lot of free time, and have depression issues. Why don’t you dedicate the next 3 month of your life of INTENSE gym. I’m talking 2-3 hours a day 7 days a week with meal preps. and watching youtube videos on training the same way you used to study pua, study gym.

    connect to a network of people who are the same.

    you will lose weight
    feel better
    be better looking
    be healthier
    live longer
    and be more attractive to women.

    1. you can even start a new blog with your progression or use this one for both pua and gym.

  32. The player has come up with a new kind of game. The other night I clicked my fingers in the face of some young slut. How did I know she was a slut. She was a young western women. Cut a long story short I banged. Obviously double bagged up. Can’t be too careful fellas. She’s no doubt in triple ds. It’s a times like these I think Isis might have a point. The west is lost and the player is reaping the decline.

    1. Anyone who refers to himself in the 3rd person is surely a bellend.

      Fuck Off.


      1. Steve has the power to ban people on Bodi’s blog now?

        1. No. Perhaps I should ban him for banning.

      2. Look who's talking Avatar
        Look who’s talking

        Banned? Don’t worry that’s what proxies are for.

        You fuckers are hilarious, you people tweet and blog about the those SJWs censoring people, “leftist” colleges suspending students for uttering the wrong thing and yet you fags are exact same.

        You start hyperventilating when someone doesn’t agree with you and then you ban them… Just like those leftists you hate.

        1. Banned?

  33. I’d like to know how many lays and weekly approaches the people on here talking shit acrew. I think it’s like bodi said rather bluntly, 99.9% of 40 year old guys either fuck an ugly wife once a month or they stack cash and Monger with 3Rd world whores. How many can claim they made shit happen, hit the street, and fucked a girl half their age and way “out of their league” to the casual observer. What bodi has accomplished cannot be replicated by the vast majority of men. Fuck, they don’t even know game exists.

  34. Bodi

    Well done for being so open and honest. Your vulnerability is what sets you apart from the other “pua’s” and I really enjoy your writing.

    I think depression and weight gain go hand in hand and the solution, if ever found, is a complicated and arduous path.

    I don’t need to lose weight but I do like to keep in shape and the way I find this easiest is to find something I enjoy doing where fitness and weight loss is just a bi product of what I am doing. For example one of my passions is BJJ. I don’t need to convince myself to do it and because it is competitive I push myself much harder than I would training on my own. There is also a huge social aspect when getting involved with a sport.

    My advice, should you want it, is stay away from the gym. The novelty wears off very quickly and you will lose motivation.

    Also I have heard money mentioned here a bit. We all have very unique motivators in life and if money isn’t your motivator then forget about material crap. I only know you through your writing but I don’t feel money is a motivator for you.

    Losing weight isn’t a motivator. Find something that motivates you that will cause the weight to go.

    Stick to your motivators.

    1. This donsnt work as well as it sounds. Most of the time you have to just man up and take some pain. Just keep thinking about the *why* when it hurts. The end goal. If you forget why you are doing something, forget about the end goal… That’s when it sucks so bad you quit.