inner game

  • A Wolf in Rabbit’s Clothing

    It’s Monday morning at Ace Recruitment agency. Gavin picks up the phone, stares into the receiver and shudders. Beside him, Kenny reclines back in his seat talking loudly and confidently into his bluetooth headset. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah… sure, sure, sure… fo’ sure, fo’ sure” he smirks at Gavin and gives him the thumbs-up. Gavin… Continue reading

  • I’m not sure how much of a fuck I now give (often literally)

    It was an easy score. She’s 20, Uzbek and sexy – looking like a vampish Kill Bill assassin. Thin, exotic and with a great ass. A fun double date with Tom from Citydaygame, a few text messages and then a second date. That was an hour long walk in the park then a bounce to… Continue reading

  • Game, Set and Match

    He was the tennis hopeful: the McEnroe/Sampras wunderkind toiling in the background, feted one day to step up to championship success. He was the eccentric, talented kid, toiling the competitive circuit, looking to break into the big time. People took an interest, turning up to the Wimbledon small-courts to watch. They were dilettantes: hoping to… Continue reading